Blockchain emerging technology: hype or a big opportunity?

Blockchain: an evolving technology
Innovation in blockchain architectures, applications and business concepts is happening at a fast pace.

Learning the real value of blockchain
The hype and the exaggeration that have surrounded the technology led to misplaced expectations and misunderstandings.

Different uses and applications
Before adopting Blockchain technologies, it’s necessary to evaluate the specific context and the economy. BCTs could have different uses and shapes according to the specific purpose to which they applied.

TRUSTyFOOD aims to provide support to the
Strategic Research Agenda of the future joint
research program about Blockchain

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Benefits and opportunities of
Blockchain technology in
the food system

Benefits and opportunities
Blockchain can contribute to the successful food system transition towards more sustainable and transparent supply chains, preserve the environment and increase societal resilience.

Farm-to-fork vision

The food chain approach
TRUSTyFOOD project aims to implement blockchain applications in the food system by enlarging the knowledge and the awareness about this technology among stakeholders.

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